Active Directory Pentesting Lab by Nee

Here's how I created and segmented my AD pentest lab @ home!
I've been wanting to get into AD pentesting for the longest time. I've only had minimal AD pentest experience prior to setting this up. I'd probably have owned 1-2 domains at max😅 over @ HackTheBox.
I've stayed with team penguin ever since RHCSA and I think its finally time to get myself familiarized with 🪟 , Active Directory and the various attack techniques that come with it!
I'm someone who believes that learning to build something is equally as important as knowing how to break it. I could've easily spun this environment up with one of many scripts available over on github. But I decided to build this up from scratch to educate myself in regards to how a windows environment is setup!
Hope this setup guide helps someone out there! Do check out references and show them some support too :)
Last modified 1yr ago